New Report Claims Trump Screamed At His Aides On His Way To El Paso Over Dem Criticism

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Donald Trump has once again found himself in the not-so-flattering spotlight as President of the United States after his lackluster responses to the mass shootings that devastated our country over this past weekend. When the shooting took place in El Paso, Texas on Saturday, taking the lives of 22 people and injuring another 24, it took Trump hours to even tweet out his obligatory “thoughts and prayers” post, which was quickly buried in his feed by various other nonsense — including a post about an MMA fight and a compliment he received six months prior.

And then he quickly went back to his typical day to day life — which, of course, consisted of crashing a wedding at his New Jersey golf course and playing a few hearty rounds on the link.

He did eventually visit both Dayton and El Paso yesterday, four days late, but the trip was little more than a publicity stunt aimed to make everyone believe he’s a super nice, stand-up guy, and hopefully take down some of the heat that Americans citizens and Democrats in government have been putting on him to pass real gun legislation.


So far, virtually everyone in this nation has been on his ass, hot and heavy, considering his rhetoric and behavior has been the cause of the majority of these shootings to start with. He’s been met with protests at every turn, and Democratic 2020 candidates, as well as various members of Congress, have been lashing out at him for his lack of action and repentance.

To say the least, this will go down in the books as yet another PR disaster for Donald Trump. And according to the New York Times, even the White House has noticed what a catastrophe Trump has caused. But, of course, that’s not Donald’s fault.

According to the report from NYT, Trump actually blew up on his aides while en route to El Paso shouting them down for not doing enough to defend his image and name after Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), who was with Trump during his visit in Dayton, admitted that some survivors still recovering in the hospital did not support POTUS.

Because God knows he’ll never just accept the fact that he’s a shit president and no one wants to be around him.

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