Twitter Responds After Report On Social Media Emerges Stating Melania And Son Barron Are Living With Her Parents

Seems there may be trouble in paradise!

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According to a few unconfirmed tweets, that “amazing mind” of Donald’s that Melania supposedly fell in love with may not be cutting it anymore — as it seems there’s a possibility that Donald’s wife and youngest son, Barron Trump are no longer living with him in the White House.

Of course, if you think about it, there have been signs pointing to trouble in Trump paradise for a while now. Melania has been extremely quiet lately, even sitting out Donald’s recent trip to Japan for the G20 Summit, during which no one saw any sign of her. And we can’t forget the look of complete misery Melania had plastered all over her face during her hubby’s Fourth of July debacle last month. Not to mention the countless number of times she’s rejected his advances.

Now, according to a tweet from popular Twitter user Roland Scahill, the First Lady and her only child have departed the White House and Donald all together, staying instead with Melania’s parents in Potomac.


“Can we finally stop making believe that Melania and Baron live in the White House?” Scahill’s tweet read.

The youngest Trump child attends school at St. Andrews Episcopal School, according to the Cheat Sheet website — which is located in Potomac, approximately a 30-minute drive from the White House, according to reports from Newsweek.

Twitter users have attempted to do some digging, conducting advanced searches for Melania tweets that have been published within 15 miles of Potomac, but so far have come up empty-handed on any photos of the First Lady or her son in the area. However, it’s worth noting that Melania stays pretty far out of the spotlight these days, so there’s a chance that she’s just keeping herself and Barron hidden.

Several Twitter users are also wondering why Barron, in stark contrast to the rest of the Trump spawns, is literally never seen:

While nothing has been confirmed and there’s truly no way to really verify it as factual yet, perhaps Melania has finally gotten her head out of her ass and flown the coop. We couldn’t imagine she wants to spend four more years with that blowhard jerk anymore than we do.

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