Hillary Clinton Just Responded To Trump After He Says She Should Run Against Him In 2020

No one trolls quite like Hillary trolls.

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You would think that Donald Trump has plenty on his plate to worry about right now — what with a formal impeachment inquiry steamrolling its way towards him, a plethora of badass Democratic candidates he’s up against in the 2020 election season, floundering poll numbers everywhere he turns, and a more than small possibility of several indictments after he’s finally out of the White House.

But none of that seems to be bothering Donnie. At least, none of it seems to be bothering him quite as much as his former Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton is bothering him.

Now the former First Lady/Senator/Secretary of State/2016 Democratic candidate pretty much minds her own damn business. She’s a pretty vocal Trump detractor but hell, who isn’t these days?


She doesn’t really go out of her way to particularly bother anyone.

However, Trump simply cannot get enough of that woman. She’s got a rent-free space in that man’s brain tucked right beside the late Senator John McCain. It doesn’t matter what she does, what she says, or how many countless hours of brutal testimonies she gives — Donald Trump is still out for her blood.

And while the woman does typically try to stay away from the drama, she also isn’t one that’s known to take a whole lot of shit — especially from the cheesepuff-in-chief. And y’all, the lady trolls like a professional.

Earlier today, after seemingly realizing that 2020 Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren may be a bigger challenger than he originally thought, Trump took to his Twitter account to disparage the Democratic hopeful and throw in a good, solid dig at his former female opponent, as well.

“I think that Crooked Hillary Clinton should enter the race to try and steal it away from Uber Left Elizabeth Warren. Only one condition. The Crooked one must explain all of her high crimes and misdemeanors including how & why she deleted 33,000 Emails AFTER getting ‘C’ Subpoena!” Trump’s unhinged tweet read.

Honestly, I have literally been waiting all damn day for Hillary’s response to this one. And she did not disappoint.

In her true style, Hillary hit Trump with a simple yet harsh clap back that only she could pull off so beautifully:

That shit was worth the wait, y’all. No one blows that dickwad off like a pesky fly quite like Hillary Clinton does.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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