Trump Jr. Charging $33 Just To Get In The Door To Buy His Book, The Internet Has Thoughts: “Vulgarity Is Synonymous With Trump”

He has no shame.

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Donald Trump and his family have been claiming since day one that they’re all good-hearted, down-to-earth people whose only concern is the well-being of the American citizens that daddy Trump took an oath to protect and serve — rather than the skeevy, nepotistic, low-life bunch of racist dickbags that they truly are.

But the thing of it is, they’re really not very good at it. Like… At all.

The entire Trump family loves to tout the claim that Donald’s predecessor, Barack Obama, violated the emoluments clause of the Constitution due to the fact that he wrote and subsequently made money off of a book after he was no longer the president.


But they seem more than willing to completely ignore the fact that Trump himself and all of his little spawn continually do the same thing.

Not only has Donald himself profited off his position as the president of the United States so much so that he’s literally under investigation for it, but his kids are also doing the same damn thing.

And to make matters even worse, they’re shady as fuck and greedy as hell about it, too.

As I’m sure you’ve already heard, Trump namesake Donald Jr. has “written” a book. I put that word in quotations because we all know that no one in that family can actually “write” much beyond their own name.

Now, in addition to attempting to profit off of his book, the skeeve-in-chief that is Trump Junior is literally attempting to profit off the fact that he even has a book for sale.

Junior recently took to his Twitter account to promote his first book stop, an event meant solely to sell copies of his work, and proclaimed in the tweet that tickets to the shindig were now on sale. So, at this point, he’s literally selling tickets to an event where he’s selling his book.

Because the Trump family greed literally knows no bounds.

To say the least, Twitter users had plenty to say about Junior’s self-promotion:

Did daddy cut back on his allowance or what?

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