Trump Claims Nancy Pelosi Agreed With Him Over Whistleblower Complaint Not Being Anything Like the Notes From Ukraine Call

We highly doubt that, buddy.

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Donald Trump really, really, really thought that the transcript of his call with Ukranian president Volodymyr Zelensky would get him out of the increasingly hot water he’d found himself in after he was busted by a whistleblower for attempting to extort the country for political gain.

But considering the transcript, released by Donnie himself no less, did nothing more than confirm what the whistleblower had said in his complaint, Trump’s plan was a real bust.

However, Donald is positively incapable of admitting this. Instead, he has to double down on his bullshit, no matter how ignorant and desperate it may make him look. That’s why it comes as no surprise that he’s now attempting to claim that House Speaker Pelosi actually agreed with him in regard to the whistleblower’s complaint being inaccurate.


“But the mistake they made, the opponents, the opposition, the Democrats, the radical left, deep state, whatever you want to call them — they came out with a whistleblower report before they saw the conversation,” Trump stated of the phone call that launched his biggest scandal yet during a trade event with Japan.

“Had they waited one day, Nancy Pelosi would not have made a fool out of herself and she would have been able to say what I said,” he asserted. “Because, when she saw it, she said, ‘This is not what the whistleblower said.’ I had a very, very congenial nice conversation with a man that I like. And he ran on corruption. Of course, Ukraine is known as a very corrupt country. One of the most in the world.”

Donald has been trying to throw a wrench in the whistleblower situation since the very beginning. No doubt in hopes that if he creates enough confusion surrounding the debacle, people will just leave him alone. But now that a second whistleblower with legitimate first-hand knowledge of the call in question has come forward to collaborate the original complaint, his attempts are becoming more and more desperate with each passing day.

So far, Pelosi’s office has not responded to requests for comments.

You can watch the clip here:

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