Calls To Remove Trump Via 25th Amendment Start Again As POTUS Rambles About Border Wall During Trade Meeting With Japan

He must be removed IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner.

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In fairness, some people never stopped calling for Trump’s removal from office using the esoteric tool for removing a President from office, though Section 4 of Article 25 has never been invoked since its passage and ratification almost 53 years ago.

But because it’s widely assumed that the GOP-controlled Senate, friendly to this President even after almost 3 years of a constant betrayal of American values, will refuse to convict and remove Trump once he is successfully impeached by the Democratic-controlled House, talk of using the more raw Constitutional method has been gaining traction on social media and in the press.

And it’s really no surprise because the urgency with which Trump should be forced to vacate the White House can’t be understated. Within the last week, he has openly committed the same offense for which he is currently being impeached — out loud and on the White House lawn. It’s like if he were pulled over for DUI and as the officer was asking him if he’d been drinking that night, he took a giant swig of whiskey from a flask while looking into the cop’s eyes.


That’s crazy. That’s “unable to discharge his duties as President of the United States” crazy. And he’s not letting up even the tiniest bit.

Today, while hosting emissaries from Japan for a meeting on trade between our two nations, Trump launched into a bizarre extended monologue about the features and efficacy of the imaginary border wall he’s long pined for. On and on he went about the unclimbable wall with the heat-absorbing panels at the top that would surely scorch attempted intruders into turning away from their hopes and dreams.

At a trade meeting. With Japan.

It’s like the meme on social media when someone is having a minor freakout and the first response is “Sir, this is a Wendy’s,” as though they were ranting into a drive-through speaker, only for real and on a geopolitical stage with a major ally. He might as well have come to the podium with his underwear on his head.

At least we could have laughed at that.

Instead, we get this:

Featured image via screen capture

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