Twitter Users React To Uncovered Melania Tweet That She Sent To Trump: “Michelle Would Never”

Oh, sweet Jesus.

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It seems that Trump-induced cringe is not limit to Donald. While his presidency certainly launches his cringe-factor into the spotlight, mostly by the fault of his own, we can’t forget that the entire Trump family can really make you recoil in horror when they want to.

Thanks to the wonders that be — i.e. the internet — we were unpleasantly reminded of that fact after a handful of Twitter users dug up an old tweet of Melania Trump’s that was directed at her husband. And let’s just say, while she may hate the fat asshole these days, a few years ago she was fired up, wild, and ready for him to come home (cue the collective, massive cringe now).

The 2014 tweet features an image of Melania’s torso clad in a white one-piece bathing suit, complete with a big ole Tiger face and the caption — get ready for it — ” @realDonaldTrump Honey~see you soon!”


Now these days, it’s pretty peculiar to witness anything more than a staunch look of quiet disdain when it comes to Melania Trump. She typically just broods in the background, shooting her husband an “eat shit” look at every chance she gets and gives a painfully awkward, half-assed smile when a camera is pointing her way. It’s easy to forget that she used to be quite the diva — lest we not forget the fact that there are actually nude photos of our First Lady floating around out there on the world wide web.

Of course, the Twitter universe had an expected yet still hysterical hay day with the whole ordeal:

There are some days in the midst of the dumpster fire that is the Trump presidency, it seems like the entire world is coming to an end. And then there are days where you’re reminded that Melania Trump was once thirsty for a 70-year-old fat guy with orange skin, a comb-over, and teeny tiny hands.

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