NYC Erected Billboard Four Blocks From His Home With Clear Message Trump Can’t Ignore

New York City let their opinion be known loud and clear.

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Trump may think New York City loves him, but the Big Apple has a differing opinion that they are NOT afraid to share.

With polls showing growing support for impeachment and removal from office, it’s heartwarming to know that people like billionaire Tom Steyer are making sure the public knows Trump is no longer wanted — and doing so mere blocks from Trump’s own Trump Tower.

Easily viewable from 5th Avenue, Steyer rented a billboard in Times Square that calls for Trump to be impeached and calls on people to sign a petition at the NEED to IMPEACH website.


When Steyer rented the billboard, he emailed his followers stating:

We launched this billboard in Times Square for a simple reason: The American people, Congress, and President Trump himself need to see the nationwide strength of our movement.”

The website states that 8,331,254 Americans have signed the petition. Think about that. Over 8 million people want to impeach the president, and Democrats have begun the impeachment proceedings amidst the butthurt cries of Republicans.

It’s going to happen and hopefully soon.

Featured image via screen capture

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Tori Smith