Trump Responds To Criticism From His Republican Colleagues Over His Syria Announcement

We're willing to bet your 'friends' would disagree.

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Trump just keeps making a big ol’ mess out of his relationship with foreign countries.

He’s about to be impeached over his attempts at a shady deal with the Ukrainian government for political gain, he does nothing more than kiss all over Kim Jong Un’s ass, he’s made a mockery out of our dealings with Iran, most of the rest of the civilized world can’t stand to be in the same room as him, and let’s not even get started on the whole Russia thing, cause there’s more to unpack there than I have time for.

But when it comes to his most recent dealings with Syria and Turkey, the other countries involved in the mess aren’t the only ones leaving with a bad taste in their mouth. Donnie has successfully shit the bed when it comes to his own people, as well.


Even the most sycophantic of Trump supporters — including Lindsey “Lapdog” Graham and “Moscow” Mitch McConnell — have made it more than clear that they’re far from happy with Donnie today after he made the decision to pull United States troops out of the Syria-Turkey border and sent a tweet out creepily reminiscent of Mr. Kim in which he threatened the country of Turkey with economic ruin if they did anything that he arbitrarily deemed “off-limits” in his “great and unmatched wisdom.”

Hell, even his Defense Secretary Mark Esper tweeted out a direct contradiction to him, but ultimately appeared to chicken out and deleted it.

But it seems that Donnie is getting really tired of his minions speaking their minds. So, during a speaking engagement today, when asked by a reporter whether or not he consulted with Joint Chiefs regarding his off the wall decision with Syria, Trump attempted to make it clear that everyone was in the know — despite the fact that their incessant crowing today indicates otherwise.

“I consulted with everybody. I always consult with everybody,” Trump declared in response to the reporter’s question.

He went on to claim that he talked about making this move around eight months ago but now that they’ve “captured ISIS” he doesn’t want to “stay over there for the next 40 years.”

Something tells us that Mitch and Graham are pitching some pretty wild hissy fits right about now.

You can watch the clip here:

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