Trump Abandons Melania Outside White House With Cameras Rolling, FLOTUS Doesn’t Know What To Do

The footage will haunt them for life.

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Donald Trump isn’t anywhere near a gentleman, but his continued indifference to his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, hasn’t gotten any better despite all the negative press coverage their marriage has received. In the public eye, Trump has regularly walked far ahead of the First Lady, refused to acknowledge her, and sometimes acted as if he didn’t even know she was there!

Just one day before International Women’s Day, the president once again disrespected his wife in front of everyone. As cameras rolled, Trump and Melania welcomed Czech Republic Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and his wife Monika Babišová to the White House and Trump once again used it as an opportunity to show his misogynist supporters that it’s acceptable to treat women terribly.

As Trump and the First Lady made a formal show in greeting their guests outside the White House, people couldn’t ignore what happened after the visitors’ black SUV pulled away. As the couples chatted for a brief moment, Trump turned Babiš into the White House without ANY invitation or signal to his wife or Babišová, leaving the two women outside and humiliated in the freezing cold weather.


Once they realized what had just happened, Melania and  Babišová were stunned and had a confusing, uncomfortable moment with each other as reporters ate it up. As the men continued to walk away, the two women froze for a second, clearly unsure of what to do. Then they shared an awkward “WTF” shrug at Trump’s rudeness, which Melania is probably very used to by now, before following the men into the White House.

Trump literally left Melania out in the cold — and didn’t even realize it or care.

Featured image via screen capture

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