Another Trump Official Resigns “In Protest” After White House Prevents Him From Testifying

There goes another one.

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Donald Trump just cannot hold his administration together. Every time you turn around it seems that someone is being terminated for hurting his feelings or someone’s resigning either by force or in the hopes that they can still manage to find work anywhere other than McDonald’s drive-thru if they jump ship now. For fuck’s sake, most of the people that are in his administration all have “acting” attached to their job title.

Now yet another member of Trump’s circus has called it quits — this time “in protest.”

According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, citing their sources as anonymous State Department officials, State Department intelligence official Rod Schoonover has resigned from his position in an act of protest against the White House’s decision to block his testimony to Congress in which he planned to present evidence and scientific data on the effects and impacts of climate change.


This came after Trump’s White House had already blocked Schoonover’s written testimony to Congress, and it seems that he’s had enough of being silenced.

The Journal reported:

According to several senior administration officials, all of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk about internal deliberations, Trump administration officials sought to cut several pages of the document on the grounds that its description of climate science did not mesh with the administration’s official stance. Critics of the testimony included William Happer, a National Security Council senior director who has touted the benefits of carbon dioxide and sought to establish a federal task force to challenge the scientific consensus that human activity is driving the planet’s rising temperatures.”

Schoonover was able to testify before the House Intelligence Committee on the 5th of this month but was only allowed to speak on the effects climate change has on national security. Reports indicate that his written testimony was cut in half to omit any other information, evidence, or data.

“As an intelligence officer, my job is to provide clear, objective, independent analysis top policymakers to advance U.S. national security,” the former State Department official explained at the congressional hearing. “The Earth’s climate is unequivocally undergoing a long-term warming trend, as established by decades of scientific measurements from multiple independent lines of evidence.”

“We see few plausible future scenarios where significant harm does not arise from the compounded effects of climate change. People’s choices in the present and future, however, dictate the magnitude of many factors,” he added.

According to the Journal, after nearly a decade of service, Schoonover’s last day at the department is Friday.

Now, if only the rest of his administration would follow suit.

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