Video Footage Showed Melania Looking Disinterested At Trump’s Rally

Even she can't stand to hear him talk!

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Go figure, one of Donald Trump recent events ended up being a complete and total fiasco. White House aides were forced to hand out “VIP” tickets to anyone that would take them, streets were embarrassingly empty, the area blocked off for the party was so vacant even during Donald’s address that the White House actually took down their live webcam feed to avoid further humiliation, and the whole event was delayed and soggy from an onslaught of rain and unsavory weather. (Thank you, rain gods!)

But from the looks of things, even the people that had to be there were struggling to make it through that shit show. A hilarious video of Donald’s wife, Melania Trump, quickly made its rounds on social media, and it’s cold, hard proof that the first lady can’t stand to listen to that man drone on any more than we can.

Of course, Melania’s “love” for that sorry excuse of a human being has certainly been questioned in the past. It seems that every time she’s caught on camera, she’s just barely holding together a half-ass fake smile, and can often be seen staring daggers into his back every time she thinks no one is looking. The couple is far from even remotely affectionate with each other, and on more than one occasion, Melania has been caught rejecting his advances, often refusing to even hold his hand.


But this time, it appeared that Melania was truly just as exhausted and exasperated with her husband’s bullshit as the rest of the country is.

In the video, you can see Melania standing in what we’re sure was her designated spot as Trump’s political rally disguised as an Independence Day speech went on and on. And she is noticeably not here for it — as she literally struggles to keep her eyes open and keep her head from nodding off.

The woman looked dog-tired. And considering what she puts up with day in and day out, I honestly can’t even blame her. It’s a wonder she didn’t just fall over.

Featured image via screen capture 

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