Trump And Melania Land In Britain, POTUS Tries To Grab His Wife’s Hand, Gets Brutally Rejected

She is SO uncomfortable.

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It’s long been speculated that Melania Trump doesn’t actually care much for her husband. Where you used to see love and admiration between the president and first lady while the Obamas were still in the White House — Michelle would beam with pride and pure love for her husband at every turn — you now only see barely held together toleration and a lot of resent and disdain for Donald Trump in Melania’s face and actions.

Over the last couple of years, FLOTUS has made it more than apparent that Donald’s mere touch makes her cringe. Every time the camera has panned over to her face, it seems that she’s barely able to force a smile for the picture, and she snubs his hand nearly every time he tries to hold her.

It’s been a while since the president has tried to lock fingers with his wife, leaving some to believe that Melania was maybe growing to care for her husband again. But after their landing in Britain today, it’s strikingly clear that’s not the case — as Donald attempted to grab his wife’s hand as they walked down the tarmac and Melania rejected his advances, leaving him to merely awkwardly grasp at her wrist.


While it’s certainly a golden opportunity to make fun of Donald Trump, and we never want to pass up on that, I can’t help but feel just a twinge of heartbreak for the first lady. While we all know she is a horribly vile human being in her own right, we can only imagine what fresh hell she is subjected to on a daily basis at the hands of her husband. We have been witness to the way he treats the American public. Chances are good that Melania gets it even worse. Not to mention, the way he just death grips her wrist when she obviously doesn’t want him touching her says a lot about the way she’s being treated by the genital grabber himself.

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