Trump Humiliated On 4th Of July After Video Of Streets In DC Reveal How Much Americans Really Hate Him

We bet he's pitching a fit!

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Donald Trump has spent weeks now planning his absolute mockery of this nation’s anniversary of independence, “Salute To America” — which, if you hadn’t noticed yet, is code for “All hail Donald Trump.”

While Trump has loads of nonsense planned for the evening, including fighter jet and Air Force One flyovers, military tanks that will most likely damage the roads, and he’s forced DC’s traditional firework display to change locations and ruin the view for thousands, perhaps one of the most ridiculous aspects of his “celebration” was the decision to block off a good portion of the Lincoln Memorial as a “VIP” area that he would be giving out tickets to for his closest friends and family.

His biggest problem? Evidently, he doesn’t have many of those so-called “friends and family” because White House staff is now handing out VIP tickets to anyone that will take them, basically begging people to show because nobody wanted them.


Politico reporter Nancy Cook explained the desperation that White House officials are currently feeling as they struggle to fill the seats for Donald’s debacle and went on to explain that there’s already a lot of “finger-pointing” going on as everyone tries to dodge the blame for what will most likely be a lackluster turnout.

Cook appeared on “The 11th Hour” with stand-in host Ali Velshi to describe what she’s heard:

“Well, really what the concerns are are that there’s a question about will enough people show up,” Cool explained. “The White House and the Republican National Committee has all of these VIP seats they’ve been trying to off-load. Originally they tried to give them to a bunch of high-end donors.”

Of course, high-end Democratic donors were not given access to these VIP tickets, which solidifies the concern that what should be a nonpartisan celebration of America’s freedom had now morphed into little more than a glorified Trump rally on the taxpayer’s dime.

“Now I’ve been hearing even tonight, after I published this story today, that they’re really willing to off-load them to — one White House staffer that I talked to late this afternoon took home 15 tickets and was just going to hand them out to whomever she could tomorrow,” Cook continued. “And the big concern on the part of the White House and the RNC is whether or not these seats will be filled.”

She explained that she feels this event could rival the embarrassment that was Trump’s 2017 inauguration.

But that’s not even the worst of it for Donald. People are taking to Twitter to share photos and videos of an empty Constitution Avenue, pointing out that typically, the area would be packed with people awaiting the fireworks. But now that Trump has hijacked DC’s beloved 4th of July celebration, people are just staying home — serving as further proof that this debacle will end up an epic bust.

I’m still hoping he pours rain on his party.

You can watch the clip of Nancy Cook here:

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery

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