New Report Alleges State Dept. Officials Harassed And Bullied Employees That Were “Disloyal” To Trump

His whole administration is full of hate!

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According to revelations from a recent federal watchdog report, the inner workings of Donald Trump’s State Department’s Bureau of International Organization Affairs are not a pretty sight.

Evidently, the Trump-supporting employees of the state-department have taken a few tips from their dictator-in-chief and have resorted to actually harassing, bullying, and mistreating any officials within the department who they even suspect may not be loyal to Trump.

As stated by the inspector general in a report on Thursday, there has been at least one confirmed instance of a State Department’s Bureau of International Organization Affairs top career employee who was undeservingly pushed out of her position for illegitimate reasons, in addition to several other officials who have reported being stripped of their duties due to the political views of their supervisor.


The report goes on to claim that some of the superior officials actually engaged in “disrespectful and hostile treatment” of the lower-ranking employees that were suspected to have anti-Trump views and values.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel has since responded to the report, saying in a statement that he is “particularly angry” in regards to the claims that a high-ranking official lost her position and another individual was turned down for a promotion due to a “relationship with the gay and lesbian community.”

“Let’s be clear: these actions are prohibited by law and they are offensive. They happened more than a year ago with no consequences,” Engel stated.

He also took the opportunity to call for the assistant secretary of State for the department’s Bureau of International Organization Affairs, Kevin Moley — who failed to report the abuse even after multiple reports — to “resign or be fired.”

House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings also responded to the report, stating, “This report leaves no doubt that Trump Administration political appointees have mismanaged the Department and violated the public trust, and the American people deserve swift action to hold those officials accountable and to root out this systemic problem from throughout the State Department and the rest of the Administration.” 

Though we don’t see how anyone could be surprised that a Trump-supporting official is acting, well, just like Donald Trump.

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