Melania Told MSNBC Host She Fell In Love With Trump For “His Amazing Mind”

Who wrote this script for her?

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Americans have been left to wonder if there was anything at all that actually attracted Melania Trump, formerly Melanija Knavs, to her husband Donald Trump other than the appeal of citizenship and a big, fat bank account. Lord knows it can’t have possibly been his looks. But according to an interview the now First Lady gave on MSNBC’s Morning Joe before she and her husband invaded the White House, that’s now making its rounds on social media once again, Melania has an answer to that question. Well, perhaps a script on acceptable answers that she’s allowed to read from. But we suppose it’s an answer of sorts, all the same.

Melania kicked things off by offering up her excuse for not joining the primary tour with her dearest husband, stating she wanted to keep things “as normal as possible” for their son Baron.

MSNBC’s host then moved on to question the then First Lady-hopeful as to what attracted her to her billionaire husband, to which Melania hilariously replied, “His mind. His amazing mind.”


Take a moment to catch your breath hereafter all that hysterical laughter.

After Melania rattled off her bullshit answer Brzezinski then confronted her with a list of terms that have been accurately used to describe her husband with the “amazing mind.” Including “racist, sexist, race-baiting, xenophobic, vulgarian-in-chief, and textbook narcissist.”

Of course, Melania did what any good little mail-order bride would do and defended Donald. Stating, “It’s normal that will come up. We are prepared for that. We have a thick skin.”

But interestingly enough, in almost the same breathe, she distanced herself from her horrible husband by pointing out, “We’re our own people. I’m my own person, he’s his own person.”

Wonder how much trouble she got into for that? Bet it wasn’t on the script.

Nowadays reports are swirling that Melania has left the White House completely with her son Barron to live in Potomac with her parents. So, we’re going to bet she’s not so fond of that mind of his anymore.

You can watch the clip here:

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