Right Before Trump Leaves For El Paso, He Makes Fun Of Beto’s Hispanic Name And Tells Him To “Be Quiet”

He is absolute scum.

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Over this past weekend, at least 22 people lost their lives to a mass shooting by a homegrown, white supremacist terrorist. Dozens more were injured. And truthfully, officials haven’t even been able to get a legitimate victim count because it’s likely that several people were undocumented immigrants who refused to seek assistance out of fear of deportation. Because that’s Trump’s America, folks.

And of course, Donald’s rhetoric surrounding this tragedy and others just like it, including the subsequent shooting not 48 hours later in Dayton, Ohio that left 9 dead, is ensuring that his version of this country stays just the way he likes it — hateful.

Trump is scheduled to finally pay a visit to the city of El Paso, 4 days later, after he crashed a wedding and went to the golf course first. Not only has the city of El Paso expressed their disdain with 45, penning a letter telling the president that he is not welcome in their city as they heal, and pointing out that his behavior is exactly what led to the tragedy, to begin with. But Democratic 2020 hopeful and former Congressman from El Paso Beto O’Rourke also publicly linked Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric to the shooting and said that he should not visit his hometown.


Lo and behold, this sparked one of Donald’s trademarked Trump Twitter tantrums — in which he made fun of Beto’s Hispanic name and told the El Paso native to “be quiet.”

“Beto (phony name to indicate Hispanic heritage) O’Rourke, who is embarrassed by my last visit to the Great State of Texas, where I trounced him, and is now even more embarrassed by polling at 1% in the Democrat Primary, should respect the victims & law enforcement – & be quiet!” Trump’s disgusting tweet read.

“Beto” is a Spanish nickname given to O’Rourke when he was a child.

Beto responded to Trump hatred, saying “22 people in my hometown are dead after an act of terror inspired by your racism. El Paso will not be quiet and neither will I.”

Donald is scheduled to touch down in Texas early this afternoon to what we can only imagine will be a very cold reception to his presence, while O’Rourke is scheduled to attend an event “to honor those lives lost, confront President Trump and white supremacy, and demand responsible gun control.”

Any bets on how soon Trump brags about his crowd size compared to Beto’s?

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