White House Released Photos Of Trump At Dayton Hospital To Show He Was Treated Like A “Rock Star”

It doesn't get much more sickening than this.

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Any and every little thing that Donald Trump has or will ever do is for the sole purpose of gaining attention for nothing other than himself and himself alone.

Trump is currently patting himself on the back as we speak, and expects every single American citizen to do the same, because he traveled his ass to Dayton, Ohio today, four days after they suffered from yet another mass shooting in our country, to visit with the victims of the attack who were still recovering in the hospital.

He, of course, wants us all to believe that he’s done this purely out of the goodness of his heart — despite the fact that the majority of the mass shootings that have ripped through our country since he took office have been a direct result of his hateful rhetoric and behavior.


In fact, Trump and his team of snot-nosed minions even went so far as to refuse access to the Travel Pool during the hospital visit as it was supposed to be “about victims… not a photo op.”

But if you think, even for a hot second, that reality star wash-up, Donald Trump is going to turn down a chance at a photo-op that will, at least in his own mind, make him look like king shit — well, I’ve got a real nice piece of oceanfront property in Tuscon, Arizona that you’d just love.

In fact, it was just mere hours before Donald Trump’s “Director of Social Media” Dan Scavino took to his Twitter account with photographs of Trump’s fun-filled visit to a hospital full of mass shooting victims, where he was supposedly treated just like a “rockstar.”

Scavino had attempted to simply release a statement on his social media account, but ultimately used the photographs as “proof” of the love Donald received after his original tweets were met with loads of skepticism.

Twitter users were just as disgusted as you are right now:

It’s worth noting that, again, no press was allowed into the areas that Trump visited in the hospital today. So, what truly happened, we will never really know. But can I just say — shame on him. Shame on him for using such a gut-wrenching tragedy to strengthen his “fame.” And shame on every last individual that was involved in this shit show. Shame on them all.

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