Trump Speaks To Reporters After Visiting Shooting Survivors, Says People Loved Him

Just downright disgusting.

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Donald Trump finally visited the victims of the two mass shootings that occurred in our country over this past weekend — four days late and after he crashed a wedding at his New Jersey golf course and hit the links first, of course.

But if you thought for even a moment that Donald would finally act as though he has a shred of maturity, remorse, or sympathy in that bloated body of his — think again.

As we all expected, Trump’s pair of visits to the shooting victims yesterday was no more than a publicity stunt in an attempt to get the nation to pat him on the back for being a stand-up guy and leave him alone when it comes to actually implementing any sort of gun legislation.


Trump stopped for a moment yesterday evening to speak with the press after his visit to the hospital in El Paso where victims of the tragedy are currently recovering (and had no desire to see him) and took the opportunity, not to discuss ways to prevent another mass shooting, or even express his regrets to those affected by the attack, but to brag about how beloved he is and lob an attack against the Democratic mayor of Dayton, Ohio, Nan Whaley, and the state’s Democratic Senator, Sherrod Brown.

“They shouldn’t be politicking today. I had it with Sherrod Brown. He and the mayor Nan Whaley they asked to go in, ‘Could we possibly go in and make the tour with you.’ I said, ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’ They couldn’t believe what they saw. And they said it to people. They’ve never seen anything like it. The entire hospital, no different than what we had in El Paso, the entire hospital, was, I mean everybody was so proud of the job they did. Because they did a great job,” Trump stated in his impromptu speech.

He then went on to essentially call them liars, stating, “I get on Air Force One where they do have a lot of televisions, I turn on the television and there they are saying, ‘Well, I don’t know if it was appropriate for the President to be here.'”

This is certainly not unusual behavior for Donald Trump. But it is worth noting that both Brown and Whaley actually commended the president for his visit to the victims. So at this point, not only is Trump making a national tragedy all about himself, he’s lying about it, as well.

You can watch the clip here:

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