El Paso Victims Refused To Meet Trump While He Visited Hospital For Photo Op

They told him to stay away!

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Several days after mass shootings raged through our country this past weekend, Donald Trump finally found the time to pay a visit to the victims of the tragedies yesterday — after he crashed a wedding at his New Jersey golf course and hit the links, of course.

While his visit to Dayton, Ohio allegedly went well, with the White House tweeting out photos of him smiling and giving the thumbs up with a group of nurses, claiming that Trump was treated like a “rockstar” despite the fact that press was not allowed inside (meaning we actually have no clue what really happened inside that hospital or if those hospital employees were even actually hospital employees), it’s safe to say that his visit to the victims of the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas didn’t go as well.

Of course, the city of El Paso already released a letter to the president well before he ever showed up, making it very clear to him that his presence was not welcome as their city tried to heal — considering the tragedy was a direct result of Trump’s behavior and rhetoric, to begin with.


But Trump showed up anyway. And it seems that he got the less than warm welcome that El Paso citizens warned him about.

According to a report from the Washington Post, eight of the survivors of the mass shooting outright refused to meet with Donald Trump for his photo-op, that no doubt would’ve been used in the same manner as Dayton’s, while he visited the hospital they were recovering in.

“None of the eight victims of the El Paso mass shooting still being treated at University Medical Center agreed to meet with the president,” the WaPo report read, with a statement from a hospital spokesperson reading, “This is a very sensitive time in their lives. Some of them said they didn’t want to meet with the president, some of them didn’t want any visitors.”

Senator Ted Cruz tagged along with the president on this visit, and according to the report, victims refused to meet or pose for a photograph with him, as well, leading Cruz to snap a few shots with hospital staff instead.

It’s safe to say that El Paso is not interested in Trump’s bullshit. They want action. Not photo-ops.

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