Dayton Hospital Insider Says Many Of The People Who Posed With Trump During Photo-Op Were Not Actually Hospital Employees

This is despicable.

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In the wake of what can only be described as a nightmare week for Americans, with dozens and dozens killed in mass shootings spanning the map, Donald Trump took an unholy tour of the cities that fell victim to these tragedies — well, the cities that weren’t in California, anyway; he hates California and doesn’t care if people there die, or so it seems from all available public evidence.

But Trump is not the kind of man who has unity flowing in his slipstream, like a zipper of brotherhood closing on him as he travels place to place. We have seen that from some presidents — Reagan could famously bring hostile world leaders together to speak, and Clinton “felt your pain,” and George W. Bush made you want to have a beer with him, and Barack Obama’s speaking skills were unmatched for inspiring families to come together and old friends to reunite and ancient enemies to come to a negotiating table.

Much to the contrary, most people just wish Trump would shut up for two seconds.


Maybe that’s why folks were so uniformly opposed to him visiting the victims of these tragedies — none of those still hospitalized at University Medical Center in El Paso would agree to meet with him, or even meet with their Senator Ted Cruz, who likes to post videos of himself playing with assault rifles.

And maybe that’s why I ran across this Twitter exchange that would explain literally almost EVERYTHING about the horrorshow of photos released by the White House depicting the President smiling and joking and giving the thumbs up with nurses from a Dayton, Ohio hospital, afterward declaring that he was treated like a rock star.

It started with this:

I’m usually liable to take things like that with a grain of salt — there are plenty of conspiracy theories out there already. But then a man in Georgia followed up with this:

Many commenters on Twitter pointed out that the nurses who even had visible name tags had them conveniently flipped over, while still others noted that some of the uniforms appeared to be ICU, some birthing, some long-term care — as though, if these ARE all real nurses, they simply got all the nurses from every department who wanted to meet the President and put them on a single floor for when he arrived.

Whatever the explanation is, the behavior is completely inappropriate — does this look like the somber scene of the aftermath of a mass shooting?

Featured image via Twitter

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