As Trump Prepares To Visit El Paso, Residents Sign A Letter Telling Him He Is Not Welcome In Their City

He is NOT welcome!

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Donald Trump’s responses to the recent mass shootings in our nation certainly haven’t been anything to write home about. Truth be told, he’s done the same thing he always does — a useless circle of belated, pointless “thoughts and prayers” on Twitter, a heaping helping of blame on the Democrats, and a hearty round of golf to calm his nerves. No gun legislation. No emergency declarations. No aid or assistance to victims. In fact, he partied at a wedding the same night that 22 innocent people lost their lives in El Paso, Texas at the hands of a homegrown, white supremacist terrorist.

But now that a good 72 hours have passed, and all the hard work is pretty much done by the emergency personnel in El Paso, it seems Trump has decided he may just mosey his way on down to Texas. And the people of Texas are quickly letting him know that he is not welcome.

Throngs of El Paso residents have signed their name to an online letter, drafted by immigration advocacy group Border Network For Human Rights, in which they call on the president to “stay away” from their city and blame Donald’s “rhetoric” and “actions” for having “led us to this terrible moment.”


The Community Letter against Donald Trump begins:

“We, the undersigned, organizations and individuals who make El Paso and Southern New Mexico our home, and our friends and allies across this great land, send you this letter in the hope that, in the aftermath of this heinous crime, you will NOT come to El Paso, our home.”

“This is a time of intense grief and mourning, and we appreciate the impulse to comfort the kin of those killed and wounded—however, your presence would bring no comfort, no respite from the pain so brutally and callously imposed upon us. We ask, instead, for your absence. We say this because we recognize that it is your rhetoric and your actions that led us to this terrible moment. This shooter was inspired by your words and your attitudes.”

It seems the people of El Paso agree with members of the Border Network for Human Rights in telling Trump that his “portrayal of asylum seekers as an ‘invasion,’ of Mexicans as ‘rapists and criminals,’ of unauthorized immigrants as ‘animals,’ your constant reliance on sowing hatred and fear, your embrace of racism and white supremacy, all of this over these past years has brought us to this place of pain.”

The group ended the letter by stating, “We must insist you are not welcome here.”

They lost 22 of their own thanks to you, Trump. Suffice it to say, they don’t even want to see your face.

You can read the full letter here.

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