Mitch McConnell Gets Called Out On Social Media For Tweeting Thoughtless Photo After Mass Shootings

The lack of awareness a tweet like this requires is staggering.

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is easily the most despised member of Congress in generations. Even in his home state, protesters taunt him mercilessly with chants of “MOSCOW MITCH,” a name that drives McConnell so bonkers he made a fool of himself on the Senate floor trying to tell people to stop calling him that.

But the tweet that “Team Mitch” sent out — and which is still up — after the El Paso shooting was so unthinkable, so goddamn cold-blooded, it’s hard to imagine how a person with any kind of soul at all would send it out.


Now, just so you don’t have to click through on that to enlarge the picture on the left, let me just put that right here for you:

And one more little zoom for anyone who hasn’t quite made it out yet:

Yes, those are tombstones with the names Merrick Garland — the federal judge he didn’t even dislike but stopped from being considered for the Supreme Court anyway, because he was Obama’s pick — and former Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath, the woman running against him in 2020. Look closer, it even has the date of her “death” as election day next year. Isn’t that CUTE???

Allow me to just answer that rhetorical question: No, it’s not even a little bit fucking cute, not EVER, but especially not on a day when a bunch of people have just been senselessly murdered in America.

I sound angry, but I’m not alone. Twitter was not having it:

Yes, it’s horrifying. But then we’ve come to expect as bad as it gets from Moscow Mitch these days since he completely abandoned any sense of pride or humility or camaraderie — his whole career now belongs to his Russian benefactor Oleg Deripaska, and everything he does just shows it.

Featured image via screen capture

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