Trump Sends Out Early Morning Tweet, Blames Media For Creating The “Anger And Rage” That Causes Gun Violence

This is disgusting.

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It almost couldn’t match the El Paso shooter’s “manifesto” more perfectly. For as much a Patrick Crusius’ online screed about a “Hispanic invasion” echoed phrasing you might hear at a Trump rally — “open borders,” “send them back” — Donald Trump’s response seems likewise to have mimicked the white supremacist domestic terrorist as well:

Excerpt from the “manifesto” of Patrick Crusius

Trump calls for immigration reform in response to a shooting where the killer was targeting immigrants and calling for immigration reform himself? What good, Mr. President, would immigration reform have done to prevent this tragedy? Given Crusius fewer targets?

No wall would have stopped this attack, because immigrants don’t carry out mass shootings. White males with easy, legal, instantaneous access to high-powered guns do.

But just to really drive home the point that he has no intention of talking about the prevalence of white supremacy in these killings, or to consider that public policy might be part of the problem, Trump took his mimicry of the shooter to another level — or perhaps the shooter was quoting Trump in advance:

This is the news, and there’s nothing fake about it — Trump and the El Paso shooter sound like they talked this all over in advance. Obviously they didn’t, but the similarities between what they say is more than creepy, it’s a sign that Trump himself is inspiring these attacks, just as the killer that Crusius praised in his manifesto, the New Zealand mosque shooter, said in his own manifesto.

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