Trump Just Said The Mass Shooting In Dayton Happened In Toledo

Come on, dude.

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Just in case you needed a tiny bit more proof that Donald Trump neither knows nor cares what the hell is happening in America with gun violence and white supremacy, the small speech he gave this morning inexplicably calling for immigration reform in response to the mass shootings of the last week should probably do it for you.

Amid the misplaced rhetoric, blaming the media, and patting himself on the back by claiming action “after all these years,” as though no other President has ever tried to do anything about gun violence, Trump made a gaffe that most people would consider inexcusable, especially less than 36 hours after a mass shooting took place: He forgot what city it took place in.

It’s one thing for the President to call Tim Cook “Tim Apple,” or for him to misspell words in his tweets, or make them up entirely. It’s one thing for the President to not know who Frederick Douglass is. It’s one thing to keep insisting that stealth fighter jets are invisible.


But for Donald Trump to forget what city it was in the wee hours of Sunday morning that suffered 9 deaths and 27 gruesome injuries in just 32 seconds at the hands of a gunman with an assault rifle — that’s another thing entirely.

During the speech, Trump used his platform to call for a look at mental illness and of course video games, those two factors that apparently no other countries have since they have no mass shootings. He extended prayers and wished God’s blessings on the victims and their families. He brought up his own family’s grief over the shootings. He read these things from a teleprompter.

But somehow, when he got to the end to wish all of those condolences on the proper people and cities, he somehow named Toledo instead of Dayton.

One can only assume that the teleprompter said “Ohio” and that the President was trying to flex on his speechwriter by being even more personal and saying the city name. That didn’t work out so well for him.

Watch the awkward moment here:

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