As Mass Shootings Continue, Trump Makes Surprise Wedding Visit At His Golf Resort

We have had enough of this! People are dying!

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In less than 48 hours, two more mass shootings have ravaged our nation, killing at least 29 innocent human beings altogether and wounding at least 53 more.

Yesterday evening, a white gunman opened fire at a Wal-Mart in El Paso, Texas, where 20 people lost their lives and 26 more were injured. Then just hours later and 1,500 miles away, yet another homegrown, white supremacist terrorist with a long gun opened fire on a night club in Dayton, Ohio, taking the lives of at least nine people and injuring at least 27 others. And both of these mass shootings come on the heels of yet another that took place barely a week ago in Gilroy, California where three individuals were killed and another 13 wounded at the Garlic Festival.

If ever there were a national emergency, the gun violence raging through this country is it. But our president is not issuing a national emergency. He is not convening with Congress to come up with a solution that will save our people. He is not issuing gun control bills. What is the president doing, you ask?


The president is sending out half-ass, obligatory tweets and crashing weddings.

Following yesterday’s shooting in El Paso, where officials can’t even get a legitimate victim count because too many of those present are terrified of being deported should they seek assistance, Donald took three whole hours before he even so much as tweeted out condolences, and less than fifteen minutes later was already tweeting about MMA fights and retweeting some compliment he got six months ago.

In the wake of the subsequent tragedy that rocked through Ohio, Donald sent out another lackluster tweet from his social media account, before posts quickly started swirling around showing him crashing yet another wedding.

Evidently, they made a whole family affair out of it as El Paso and Dayton counted their dead:

There’s no further proof needed, folks. Our “president” has absolutely no intention of fixing the problem that is killing our people.

There is an epidemic in this country. And it’s not Ebola. Or the flu. Or “illegal immigrants.”

It’s guns. It’s the very same guns that paid for Donald Trump’s presidency. And it’s the very same guns that will continue to kill our men, women, and children until we do something about it. And crashing a wedding ain’t it.

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