Protesters Are Waiting For Trump As He Lands In Dayton Ohio

Imagine seeing protesters everywhere you go.

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If Donald Trump thought he might be “greeted as a liberator” when he visited the cities rocked by gun violence over the past week and a half, it’s perhaps because he only watches the most flattering coverage of his responses so far to the shootings that have left 34 people dead and at least 68 more injured in attacks in Gilroy, California, El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

This morning as the President arrives in Dayton to — we’re not sure what, comfort? Speak to? — address the crowd, he is certain to feel attacked himself, by a crowd of protesters that rivals any he’s seen in the various cities he’s visited after a tragedy.

It’s a pattern with Trump: Inspire a killer through words and actions, listen to the killer directly reference his influence, blame Democrats and video games, then visit a town that literally no one wants him in to say things no one wants to hear him say.


Of course, Trump won’t be visiting Gilroy, since he hates California and knows that there would be more protesters than supporters, with no way to spin the scene no matter what angle he’s photographed from.

But it turns out that Dayton and El Paso are just as angry at the President. They know that his rallies near their cities get supporters fired up, spark an anger in the air. And they’re out in force.

The Mayor of Dayton, Nan Whaley, was charitable in her public statement:

I can only hope that as president of the United States that he’s coming here because he wants to add value to our community and he recognizes that that’s what our community needs. Everyone has it in their power to be a force to bring people together, and everybody has it in their power to be a force to bring people apart — that’s up to the president of the United States.”

We’ll let this video help you decide whether that’s what protesters expect the President to choose:

Featured image via screen capture

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