Book Claims Trump Allegedly Once Dumped Wine Down Female Reporter’s Neck Because He Hated Story About Him

That sounds like something he'd do!

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There are a lot of things that Donald Trump hates in this life. He hates Democrats, and windmills, and people with brown skin, and powerful women. But perhaps his biggest beef is with the “fake news” — which is what he’s deemed any media source that dares to tell the truth about him and his administration rather than peddle the Fox News lies that he wants everyone to believe. And that means, of course, pretty much every news source other than Fox News is “fake news.”

But as it turns out, Trump has held this disdain for media outlets that dare to portray him in an unflattering light since long before he ever started running our country into the ground at lightning speed.

According to famed magazine editor Tina Brown’s  new book The Vanity Fair Diaries, back in 1991 Trump was so disgruntled over an unflattering Vanity Fair piece written by journalist Marie Brenner a year earlier that he dumped an entire glass of wine down her back during an NYC Parks black-tie gala at Tavern on the Green on Dec. 10, 1991.


“She was sitting demurely in her black dinner suit at the Parks Commissioner Betsy Gotbaum’s table when she felt something cold and wet running down her back,” Brown recalled. “Other guests at the table started pointing and yelping, ‘Oh my God! Look what he just did!’ The ‘he’ in question was Donald Trump! She saw his familiar Elvis coif making off across the Crystal Room.”

Brown describes Trump as a “sneaky, petulant infant” and described, “What a coward! He couldn’t even confront her to her face!”

What was the Vanity Fair story that had Donald so tempestuous towards the journalist? Why it was a story covering the fact that he owned a book of Hitler’s speeches.

Donald hated the article so much, in fact, that he went on to complain about it in his 1997 book, “The Art Of The Comeback,” in which he referred to Brenner as an “unattractive reporter” and stated, “the story was, in fact, one of the worst ever written about me.”

Of course, this isn’t the only time that Donald’s petty streak has reared its ugly head in a similar manner, with Trump admitting back in 2003 that, 10 years ago he dumped an entire bottle of wine in Leona Helmsley’s, his “nemesis” at the time, hood of her jacket that she had hanging on her chair.

“I took an entire bottle of red wine and poured it into the hood,” Trump confessed as the reporter questioned whether he chose red or white wine to commit the deed. “Yes. White’s not nearly as effective,” Trump quipped.

And that’s who’s running our nation, folks. Nothing more than a big, fat bully.

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