White House Correspondent Asked Trump How He Would Feel If Someone Told FLOTUS To Go Back To Her Country

It's a legitimate question.

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Donald Trump seems to be building his entire 2020 campaign on this racist, hateful “go back where you came from” rhetoric after kicking it all off with a racism-fueled tweet targeting four Congresswomen of color before doubling down on it in speeches, press gaggles, and rallies ever since then.

In fact, one White House correspondent even admitted that Trump’s hate speech during his Greenville, North Carolina rally last night was actually on the teleprompter — meaning his administration knows exactly what he’s doing and they’re all in hopes that he will appeal to all the racists, right-wing nuts, and white nationalists enough to be able to secure his 2020 reelection with it.

We honestly wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised should his 2020 campaign slogan turn out to be “send her back” — and we all know after last night’s rally that his base would happily scream it from the rooftops. Why wouldn’t they? They’re actually allowed to be racist in public these days thanks to him.


Of course, Trump and his supporters try to claim that this “send them back” bullshit has nothing to do with race or color and everything to do with a “love” for our country.

One brave White House correspondent wanted to test just how far Donald would take this “logic.”

CBS News’ Weijia Jiang posted to her Twitter account today, saying that she confronted the president over his hateful rhetoric and asked him if he’d be okay with someone telling the First Lady to go back where she came from — considering she’s an immigrant herself.

“I asked Trump if he would be okay with someone telling the First Lady to go back to her country. He did not answer,” Jiang’s tweet read.

We’re honestly not even fazed over the fact that he had no response. Trump neglects to tell everyone that his issue does not lie in immigrants, it lies in skin tone.

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