Trump Just Contradicted Himself, Denies “Relishing” Fight He’s Ignited With Congresswomen Then Admits He’s “Enjoying” It

He's loving every second of this!

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Donald Trump has essentially started an all-out war between himself and a good majority of the Democratic party after he ignited fury with a series of tweets in which he launched a hateful, racism-fueled attack against four Congresswomen of color, utilizing the age-old racist insult of “go back where you came from” — despite the fact that three out of four of the Congresswomen he targeted were actually born in the US and the one that wasn’t has been a citizen of this country for longer than his wife has.

Instead of apologizing or showing even a shred of common human decency, much less any maturity as the leader of this nation, Donald doubled down on his hate-filled rhetoric during his “Made in America” speech in with he reiterated the immature “just leave” statement and launched yet another attack against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, labeling her as a racist for her comments saying that Donald is attempting to “make America white again” — the very same House Speaker who just held a vote in Congress to officially condemn the president’s Twitter attack as racist.

Now Donald has made it strikingly clear that he’s actually loving every single moment of this self-induced debacle.


Speaking to reporters from the White House lawn today, Trump was questioned as to whether he is “relishing” this ongoing feud that he has spurred with the four Congresswomen, aptly dubbed the “Squad.”

“I’m not relishing the fight. I’m enjoying it because I have to get the word out to the American people. And you have to enjoy what you do. I enjoy what I do,” Trump replied.

The only “word” he’s getting out to the American people is blatant, proof-positive confirmation that he is, in fact, the racist douchebag that we all suspected he was. This just establishes the fact that he’s enjoying every second of it.

You can watch the clip here:

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