Trump Just Told Americans To Leave If They Don’t Want To Fight For Our Country Even Though He Dodged The Draft

Well isn't that just rich coming from him?

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Donald Trump is about to depart for North Carolina, but he certainly couldn’t head out before he stopped to tell everyone to just leave if they don’t like the way he’s running this shit show — which of course, is still stemming from the racism-fueled attack he launched against four Congresswomen of color as well as the subsequent attack he lobbed at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a speech the next day, labeling her a racist.

Speaking to the press outside the White House before he took off for his rally tonight, Donald stated:

“If people want to leave our country, they can. If they don’t want to love our country, if they don’t want to fight for our country, they can [leave]. I’ll never change on that, no.”


If they don’t want to fight for our country they can just leave, huh? This statement coming from the mouth of Donald Trump is especially ironic considering he’s a big, fat draft dodger!

Let’s not forget that Donnie ducked out of the Vietnam War thanks to his daddy Fred who convinced a doctor to diagnose him with bone spurs to prevent him from being drafted along with most of the rest of this country’s young men at the time.

Bob Kerry, a former Nebraska Senator, has publicly accused Trump of lying and intentionally dodging the Vietnam draft with a fake diagnosis.

Kerry stated during an interview back in March, “He said, ‘I wasn’t eligible to go to Vietnam because I had bone spurs.’ You don’t grow out of bone spurs. I call on the president, get your feet x-rayed. Let’s see those x-rays. I want to see.”

Trump went on to say in his gaggle with reporters that the four Congresswomen he targeted in his racist attack, hold and advocate for views that this nation doesn’t agree with.

“I think that they’ve said horrible things that the press doesn’t cover,” he whined.

And yet, he says a plethora of horrible things that the press does cover, and still, he rests his head in the White House every night.

You can watch the clip here:

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