German Magazine Took Swipe At POTUS With Their Anti-Trump Cover

They know what they're talking about.

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Donald Trump is back in the spotlight once again and it’s certainly not over anything good he’s done for this country or its people. Once again, he is basking in the limelight of his blatant, proud racism — stemming from a hate-filled, race-fueled attack against four Congresswomen of color who he told to “go back where they came from” — never mind the fact that 3 out of 4 of them are from here and the fourth has been a citizen of this country for longer than his mail-order wife.

But of course, that has done nothing to stanch his attacks — as he’s launched into numerous more since then, including during his “Made in America” speech, a press gaggle at the White House, and spurring chants of “send her back” at his rally last night.

I honestly wouldn’t be a bit surprised should his 2020 campaign slogan turn out to be “send her back.”


But this time the American people along with members of Congress aren’t so keen on letting him get away with it. People in our country, Republicans included, are finally beginning to see just how horrible the man truly is.

However, Germany, who damn sure knows racism and nazism when they see it, have known this for a fact all along.

Back in 2017, just shortly after Trump took office, German Stern magazine sent a strikingly clear message on just exactly how they feel about Donald Trump with a cover featuring a photoshopped image of the US president draped in the American flag, giving the Nazi salute — and considering the Nazi salute is banned in Germany, this is one hell of a statement.

The cover features the headline “Sein Kampf” which translates to “His Struggle” — a play on Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle), a book penned by Hitler himself in which he described his fascist beliefs.

Within the pages of the magazine is an explanation of how Donald Trump “stirs hatred in America.”

Again, if anyone knows fascism, nazism, and racism when they see it, it’s the Germans. They’ve been there done that. I think we really ought to listen to their assessment of this “president.”

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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