Trump Seems Shaken After Protester Holds Up Picture Of Him And Epstein During Rally

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Donald Trump held another 2020 reelection rally in Greenville, North Carolina last night, this one just as chock full of racism and hatred as the rest — if not a little more so after the cruel debacle he ignited with four Congresswomen of color over the weekend.

But one protester in particular who attended the rally had a different, yet equally as troubling Trump scandal on his mind.

One brave soul suffered through the sea of MAGA supporters and attempted to throw a wrench in Donald’s party by holding up a photo of Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, featuring the words “child rapist” in bold white print across the top and bottom.


The protester was quickly swept out by Secret Service but not without ruffling Donald’s feathers a bit, who stopped to embarrassingly joke, “He goes home now to mommy and he gets reprimanded, and that’s the end. Sorry, mom. Didn’t mean to embarrass you, mom.”

While Trump popped off with his typical petty jokes, it was pretty clear that the protest got to him:

Of course, he can’t stand to be called out in any way, shape, form, or fashion but evidently calling him out on his pedophilia and his association with known pedophiles really grinds his gears.

The crown moaned their typical boos as the man, who had donned a MAGA hat to blend into the crowd, screamed and waved the sign during Trump’s reiterated assault on Congresswoman Omar and the “Squad.”

The crowd cheered and chanted “USA! USA!” as the protester, who has not yet been identified, was tackled and cuffed.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, we all stand with you.

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