Trump’s Own Biographer Just Ruined President’s Attempts To Distance Himself From Sex Trafficking Scandal

He's calling you out, Trump!

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Ever since the news broke of long-time Trump pal Jeffrey Epstein’s newest sex crimes, Donald has been backpedaling hard in an attempt to distance himself from the repeat sex offender — claiming that they barely knew each other and haven’t spoken in years, despite the fact that he’s referred to Epstein as a “terrific guy” and that multiple reports have indicated a very close relationship between the two for several years.

Of course, this is Donald’s go-to tactic anytime something like this arises, which happens often — simply denying that it ever happened regardless of cold, hard facts and legitimate proof. For example, E. Jean Carroll’s rape allegations against him were met with a response claiming he’d never met her in the face of pictures of the two together swirling all over the internet.

However, more often than not Donald winds up brutally busted in the middle of his lies. And that’s precisely what happened when Trump’s very own biographer, Tim O’Brien, sat down with MSNBC today and explained just how full of shit Donald truly is.


“Tim O’Brien, let me put up the headlines Ashley just referenced. Trump called Epstein a terrific guy who enjoyed younger women before denying a relationship with them, so he was close enough to know what kind of women he surrounded himself with,” MSNBC host Nicole Wallace stated.

“When the president stands on the White House lawn and said he barely knew Jeffrey Epstein, that’s just not supported by the fact pattern. They knew each other well from 1987 until at least 2002,” O’Brien responded. “Epstein was either a member of Mar-a-Lago in name or substance, but he was there all the time — and the president wanted him to be there.”

“I spent about two years, a lot of time with Trump in the mid-2000s, and he routinely talked about Jeffrey Epstein as someone he admired, he felt they were in sync,” he went on to explain.

“What did he admire about him?” Wallace questioned.

“He liked that he was able to pursue women whenever he wanted to, he liked that he was able to spend money the way he wanted to, he liked that he was someone who didn’t care about the law or civility or women being targets because that’s frankly the way the president approaches the world,” he replied.

O’Brien then proceeded to describe a very awkward interaction he has with Trump:

“At one point, when I was working on the book about him, he took me on the Upper East Side. He just bought the rights to the Miss America pageant. We went up there and one of the main things I’m excited about in this pageant is I can introduce these girls to Eric, his son Eric. And we went into the offices of the pageant, and it was just a very uncomfortable environment with him around these women because I think his sole reason for buying the pageant, it was not a business decision, it was an access to women decision.”

Honestly, we’re not even surprised. As a nation, we’ve pretty much all come to realize that everything to come out of Donald’s mouth is a crock of shit.

You can watch the clip here:

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