Image Released Busts Trump In Lie About Columnist Who’s Accused Him Of Assault

Lo and behold, he's busted.

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Friday, the creep that is Donald Trump was accused of sexual assault for what feels like the millionth times in his life, after well-known advice columnist E. Jean Carroll revealed in an interview with New York Magazine that Donald raped her in the dressing room of a department store in the mid-1990s.

According to Carroll’s recollection of the assault, Donald caught her on her way out of Bergdorf Goodman and requested that she help him pick out some lingerie. He ultimately convinced Carroll to enter a dressing room to try on a piece of clothing for him and raped her.

Carroll bravely posed in the very same outfit that Donald Trump tore from her on the cover of the magazine who’s pages hold her story.


But you will not see Donald Trump in handcuffs. You will not see him removed from his position of power. You will not even see the faintest of an investigation into these heart-wrenching allegations. What you will see is Trump’s White House and the president of this nation himself blatant and proudly discredit his victim, blame his political enemies, and lie in the faces of the American people.

The White House immediately released a statement in the wake of Carroll’s allegations, claiming that the entire story was false and meant only to hurt Donald’s chances as a 2020 presidential candidate. Trump himself soon followed that statement up with one of his own — of course, just as sickening as the one released by his administration — in which he blamed the Democrats for the allegations, issued a thinly-veiled threat to his victim, and claimed that he’d never the met the woman a day in his life.

Which is a heaping crock of shit.

In the very eye of the shitstorm that is Donald’s defense, an image was released that indisputably proves Trump is a fucking liar.

I give you… A photograph of Donald J. Trump E. Jean Carroll:

There’s really nothing else to say. He lied about knowing her. He is lying about raping her. Period.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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