Rohingya Man From Myanmar Asks Trump If There Are Any Plans For His Country, POTUS: “And Where Is That Exactly?”

Does he know anything at ALL?

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Imagine if you were from Myanmar and someone who told you they were a New Yorker asked you if you thought their country was beautiful. Would you know they were talking about the United States?

I mean, of course you would — New York houses the largest global stock exchange in the world, much of our nation’s history, and if there was absolutely nothing else you could remember as someone from a country so torn by terror and war, was the site of the 9/11 attacks.

The very last thing any living person from Myanmar would ask someone they knew was a New Yorker is what country they were from.


But now imagine you’re the President of literally any country in the world. It’s now your job to know and possibly even give a shit about people from all over the planet. You even know where people without an actual home country live — Palestinians, Kurds, Uyghurs, Tamils, Tibetans, Chechens — it’s easy for you, because you, dear readers, see those names and know that they live in Gaza, Turkey, China, Sri Lanka, Russia… You grew up knowing these names, and even if you didn’t, they’re in the news enough that at SOME point in the last 20 years you’ve learned about them.

That’s apparently not the case for Donald Trump, who is primarily concerned with how he looks on television and what he might say next.

During the meeting he held in the Oval Office on Wednesday with survivors of religious persecution, Mr. Trump met with a human rights activist that he didn’t know had won the Nobel Prize and had no idea was one of the refugees he once insulted Germany for taking in.

That was bad, but then a Rohingya man — a member of a religious group that’s been fighting for autonomy for 72 years, even through changes to the name of the country they were in, from Burma to Myanmar — asked Trump what the plan was for his country.

And where is that, exactly?”

That’s what the President said to this man who flew more than 8,000 miles to ask for his help. He had no idea. He was so unprepared for the meeting that he didn’t bother to even memorize the people he’d be speaking to, a list of whom he was undoubtedly presented with beforehand. He’s been tuned out so much during security briefings — in which he would have heard about the Rohingya literally hundreds of times — that he was totally clueless about the man, where he was from, or even what his issue was.

What’s worse, when an aide attempted to help the President out, he got it monumentally wrong as well, telling him it was “next to Burma.” No, jackass, it IS Burma, only Burma’s not a place anymore, it’s Myanmar. That’s like if Trump asked where Iran was and got told it was “next to Persia.”

Every one of these idiots needs to go back to 8th-grade history and geography before they get keys to the White House.

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