Trump Claims He’s 6’3″ But A Recent Photo Of Him Suggests That’s Not True

He's a tiny little man.

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For such an egotistical prick who thinks that the sun rises and sets in his own ass crack, Donald Trump really is a sensitive little crybaby at heart. The man is super self-conscious about everything — it’s why he literally can’t stand any form of criticism, constructive or otherwise.

Whether it be his tiny hands or his ever-waning hair or his lackluster knowledge when it comes to actual policies or how the government works, Trump absolutely cannot tolerate even the mere idea that someone thinks something about him sucks. But if there is one thing in particular that old Donnie gets super-duper butthurt about, it’s his height.

For whatever reason (but I’m going to guess it has a lot to do with a toxic masculinity stereotype,) Trump is extremely self-conscious about his vertical disadvantage. So much so that the man actually wears shoe lifts on the regular to ensure that he appears taller than his natural height and reports have indicated in the past that he’s had a strained relationship with his younger son Barron due to the fact that he’s taller than his dad.


My point here is, this is a serious issue with this dude.

And that’s what makes this whole ordeal that much funnier.

A group photo from the recent G7 Summit in France is now making its rounds on social media and despite Trump’s best efforts, including nabbing himself a spot front and center and attempting to put as much space as possible between himself and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Donald still looks significantly shorter than his fellow world leader.

Now, Donald’s “official” height comes in at 6 feet 3 inches, with an alleged weight of 243 pounds, while Trudeau comes in at 6 feet 2 inches. But we can pretty much all chalk that up to yet another blatant Trump lie. Because even in his high heels, that photo calls bullshit.

Expert Dr. Jack Brown weighed in on the photo and explained that Donald’s height actually comes in at around 6 feet and one-half inch.

A few other Twitter users had their own assessments, as well:

Looks like those lifts aren’t as helpful as he was hoping for, after all.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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