Mitch McConnell Got A Less Than Warm Welcome Home As Protesters Greeted Him In Kentucky

He wasn't expecting this!

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If you look at things stereotypically, Kentucky is full of “yee yee” folks that worship God, guns, and Donald Trump. That rings true for some folks around here. But even the good ole Bluegrass state is quickly filling with people that are fed up with Trump and the members of his administration. This point was well proven when Senator Mitch McConnell returned to his hometown roots to attend an event at the University of Louisville.

While visiting his hometown alma mater for the McConnell Center Distinguished Speaker Series, McConnell was greeted less so with open arms and more so with a mob of angry ass protestors that had zero time or desire for his bullshit. The group was there to protest climate change — something that Mitch McConnell has been far less than diligent about.

McConnell was just about to introduce Democratic speaker Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia when the protest broke out. One protester, a self-proclaimed McConnell constituent, shouted at the Republican senator, “If you expect to be our leader, why don’t you stand with us?”


The group of protesters began to chant the old coal miner’s union song, Which Side Are You On? — perfectly befitting of the situation, considering their protests were rooted in climate change and somewhere around 130 tons of coal is mined in Kentucky annually.

Once the protesters peacefully left the ballroom, McConnell flippantly remarked, “We hadn’t planned on having entertainment. Welcome to America these days.”

The Courier-Journal reported that the protest was arranged by “Louisville Hub” of the Sunrise Movement, a national group dedicated to drawing an end to climate change and its effects. The group posted to its Twitter account, “We have a right to speak our opinion and voice the urgency of stopping the climate crisis. If the only way we, your constituents, can reach you is through events like this, then we will show up.”

It looks like McConnell may have overestimated his warm welcome home.

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