Trump’s Stamina Appears To Be In Decline As He Rounds Up Motorcade To Drive Him Across The Street From White House

Commander Fat*ss of the twinkie brigade seems to be losing his stamina for things like walking across the street.

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Trump has always bragged about how energetic he is, and if you base his energy on how often he tweets, he definitely does seem like he’s one energetic rabid squirrel. But if you base his energy on how much he actually moves his rotund ass, you’ll begin to see that Trump’s stamina for anything but tweeting and golf are just not there anymore.

Evidence supporting this surfaced during Trump’s visit with President George W. Bush around the time his father and former president George Herbert Walker Bush’s death.

Trump met with Bush and his wife Laura to pay his respects privately for the death of the senior Bush. To do this, they were meeting in Blair House, which is located across the street from the White House. Like, seriously, it’s not that far.


Rather than take a stroll across the street, Trump rode less than a 100 yards in a presidential motorcade. It’s one thing to jump in the car and just take a quick drive. It’s another to insist on taking the entire motorcade.

It is considered a “rolling, armored White House” and has its own communication office, medical facility, and more. Any ride in a motorcade takes planning. Its purpose is to be able to address any type of crisis a president could face.

Additionally, a motorcade is usually made up of a route car, pilot car, sweepers (the police on motorcycles and in patrol cars), a lead car, the presidential limousine, the presidential security detail SUV, electronic countermeasures vehicle, control vehicle and support vehicles, counter-assault team vehicles, intelligence division vehicle, hazard materials mitigation unit, press vans, the White House Communications Agency vehicle, an ambulance, and a rear guard.

Think about the cost of employing just half of that to go across the street. Your taxpayer dollars paid for Commander Fat Ass of the Twinkie Brigade to be a lazy fat ass, basically.

Doesn’t this make you miss when we had a president who jogged around the White House?

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