Trump Tried To Fix His Mess On Fox And Friends, Accidentally Admitted He’s Guilty

Only Trump could fit his foot this far in his mouth.

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If there’s one thing that Donald Trump has in common with his favorite news program Fox and Friends, it’s that neither of them seems to understand the law very well. That’s why you so frequently see Trump tweeting sound bites from the show as he watches during his “executive time” at the White House, regardless of how ridiculous the talking points they’re currently spouting are.

It’s why you saw him on the White House lawn Wednesday, uh… breaking the law by asking foreign countries to investigate Joe Biden. There’s a precedent, though, for him publicly implicating himself, and you saw it right on F&F.

After all, his erratic behavior over the last week and a half can only come from one source: He’s terrified of going to prison once he’s impeached for the crimes he’s literally committing as we speak — because those are FAR from his only crimes!


Last August, Fox and Friends tweeted a preview of an interview that we can only imagine was filmed in an absolute emergency scenario where the President called his friends at the network to set it up. In it, Trump sits down with host Ainsley Earhardt and proceeds to tell her that he’s already been questioned on whether or not the hush money payments to silence his two mistresses came from the campaign or not.

Clearly, Trump has been advised by his legal team that if the money did come from the campaign it’s a problem — and that if it didn’t there may not be a crime. That, however, is laughably false. Watch Donald Trump insist that not only did he not get the money out of campaign funds, but that he paid it himself and that he has tweeted as much in the past:

Number one, someone needs to break down for both Donald Trump and the dumb-tastic duo of Jay Sekulow and Rudy Giuliani what an “in-kind contribution” is and why it must be declared on all campaign finance forms. Because the President just admitted that he personally made multiple campaign finance violations, completely bypassing the need for Cohen’s testimony back in August.

That’s a much bigger thing, did they come out of the campaign? They didn’t come from the campaign, they came from me, and I tweeted about it. You know, I don’t know if you know, but I tweeted about the payments. But they didn’t come out of the campaign.”

This President is going to march himself into a jail cell long before 2020 because he can’t stop trying to lie to get himself out of trouble. The fact is, eventually he will find a way to say he didn’t mean what it sounded like even in this interview — because someone will finally figure out that what he’s admitting to here is far worse. And now that he’s yapping about China and Ukraine and Australia investigating Joe Biden and investigating the Mueller investigation…

In the meantime, keep tweeting about it, Mr. President.

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