Trump Makes Fun Of “O-Bum-a-care” During Speech, Appears Annoyed When Audience Doesn’t Get His “Joke”

How is this even real life?

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I honestly don’t think anyone on the planet likes anything as much as Donald Trump likes the sound of his own voice. Whether it’s issuing proclamations, denying things everyone knows are true, lying through his teeth, or telling some dumb joke that he thinks is the cleverest thing since fake doggy-doo, he doesn’t sut up and he doesn’t slow down.

A lot of people might chalk that up to the widely-accepted theory that Donnie is addicted to Adderall, but I think there might be more to it than that. Namely, I think he may not have gotten the kind of love from his parents (or anyone) that a growing boy needs in his most formative years. That’s why he seems to be stuck at around 12 years old. “Arrested development,” they call it, only his isn’t half as funny as the show of the same name.

And after the kind of week Trump’s had, it’s honestly a wonder that he hasn’t reverted by to his old self entirely at this point, although who knows — maybe he was already wearing suits with a ridiculously long tie by age twelve.


Today, as Trump signed yet another pointless executive order that will simply either be struck down in court or reversed once we’re rid of his worthless ass, he thought he might be clever again, and like a 12-year-old boy, he was pissed when nobody got the joke which, thankfully, was not about farts or penises.

Yes, “O-bum-a-care.” Is he talking about the kind of “bum” you see sitting at the bus stop, trying to stay out of the rain? Is he talking about the “bum” you (GASP) poop out of? It doesn’t MATTER! It’s FUNNY! And you people didn’t even have the common courtesy to laugh at the one line he thought for sure he was gonna get applause for. Do you have any idea how late he stayed up last night thinking of that line?

Well past his bedtime, let me tell you that much.

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