Internet Reacts To Trump’s Stance, Body Language Expert Claims It’s Due To Shoe Lifts

So it's not a stick up his a**?

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Chances are over the last two and a half years that we’ve been subjected to the fuckery that is Donald Trump, you’ve noticed that the man stands in a really painfully awkward way — and we may have discovered why.

Of course, before we get into all the technical details, it’s important that you understand — for being such a pompous, arrogant prick, Donald Trump is actually an insecure, shrinking little man deep down. He’s self-conscious about everything from the size of his hands to the swoop of his hair, to the size of what’s in his pants.

He wants to be the manliest man that ever did man in the history of men and he simply cannot tolerate anything that reflects otherwise.


The man is truly so vain and self-absorbed that he’s gone so far as to complain about the quality of your standard hairsprays these days during a 2016 rally and even allegedly demanded that he be cut out of a cashmere sweater that most likely cost more than my rent, after a Vanity Fair photoshoot, so as not to disturb the perfect swoop of his cotton candy-esque hair.

The man is a weirdo, folks.

And now we get to the part about the painfully awkward posture.

You’ll notice in many a photograph that Trump can often be seen leaning forward in what appears to be a seriously unpleasant pose — reminiscent of a creepy Tin Man that hasn’t yet been properly oiled up.

Of course, Twitter users everywhere had lots to say about Trump’s unnatural stance:

It’s safe to say that many Twitter users had plenty of hilarious theories. But body language expert Dr. Jack Brown put together an interesting thread for our reading pleasure that explains why Trump always looks so damn awkward:

Dr. Jack, you’re the real MVP.

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