Video Of Pence’s Visit To Ireland Shows Very Few People Are There To Welcome Him

Now he knows how Donald Trump feels!

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Over this past weekend, Trump was supposed to have been on a NATO visit to Poland where he would’ve commemorated the 80th anniversary of World War II. However, he saw a golden opportunity to use Hurricane Dorian’s impending landfall to weasel his way out of the trip — supposedly staying back to convene with experts regarding the catastrophic storm at Camp David, but he actually just ended up playing golf at his Sterling, VA resort all weekend.

To smooth over his cancellation with Poland, Donald sent Vice President Mike Pence in his place, and even suggested that the VP kick back at his struggling Trump hotel in Dublin — 200 miles away from where he actually needed to be, ultimately lining Donnie’s pockets with ever more of the taxpayers’ money — and, of course, Pence was more than happy to oblige.

While on his trip, Pence stopped by Ireland, as his family (ironically enough) emigrated from there in the 1920s — but don’t worry, it’s okay that he’s a product of an immigrant family. White immigrants don’t count in their book.


However, if Pence was expecting some sort of warm welcome with open arms from the citizens of his homeland, he wound up strikingly disappointed — because no one even showed up to greet him.

In video footage that’s now making its rounds on social media, you can see the street in Ireland blocked off by metal fencing, assumably meant for all of the onlookers to the Vice President to stand behind as he made his way through the town. But, the fences could’ve been left in storage, because there were barely a dozen people standing behind them.

The street was even eerily quiet. Almost as if not only did no one show up to see the American embarrassment, they actively stayed hidden in their homes, off the streets to ensure they didn’t have to witness one gray hair on his homophobic head.

I have no doubt that Donald Trump is currently pacifying Pence, giving him all his tips and tricks on how to handle such a blow to his self-esteem — God knows Trump should be used to it by now.

You can watch the clip here:

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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