Report Claims White House Had To Create A System To Keep Aides From Speaking Poorly About Trump After They Left

They don't want you to know what's really happening behind closed doors.

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A permanent or even semi-permanent employee is a thing of the past, completely unheard of within the Trump administration. Since day one, the very same man that swore to his base during his campaign days that he would “only hire the best” has seen more traffic moving out of his administration than the local Wal-Mart parking lot during a Black Friday sale featuring toaster ovens for 1000 percent off.

The dude seriously can’t keep his clowns in his circus. At least once a week it seems, someone is either getting the ol’ boot because they pissed Donnie off for whatever arbitrary reason he could come up with, or the jumping the hell off the Trump train before they’re stuck flipping burgers at the local fast food joint for the rest of their lives because no one wants to hire a fucking racist.

It seems that Donald’s issue with keeping staff is so severe that the White House has literally had to construct a system to deal with disgruntled employees to ensure that they don’t walk straight out of his office to the nearest publisher and spill the beans on the bullshit that goes on behind closed doors.


According to a report from CNN, the White House has put more than one strategy in place to attempt to placate departing staff members because they know there’s plenty to tell. If you find yourself ousted from Trump’s administration one of two things will happen — Donald will attempt to create a “soft landing” for you by agreeing to not attack you if you don’t attack him, or he’ll threaten the daylights out of you with legal action.

A perfect example of this tactic is the recent debacle with Trump’s former personal secretary, Madeleine Westerhout. Though reports have indicated that he was privately irate with her for drunkenly spilling her guts on his true feelings for his youngest daughter, Donald made a display of publicly forgiving her after White House staffers convinced him it’d look better that way.

A similar situation went down with former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly who cut a deal with Donald after his resignation to avoid any book deals unless Trump went on the offensive.

The fact that the White House literally has to put a plan into effect to ensure that their secrets aren’t spilled to the world goes to show just how fucked things really are inside those four walls.

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