Trump Gave Hurricane Briefing With Altered Map That Falsely Shows Dorian Heading Toward Alabama


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Hurricane Dorian, a category five storm, is currently in the process of bearing down on the southeastern United States after wreaking absolute havoc on the Bahamas — this includes the state of Florida as well as North and South Carolina, and it’s looking as though Virginia may have good reason to be a little concerned as well. But do you know where it’s not bearing down on nor will it be as it runs it course? The state of Alabama.

Now, Donald Trump was supposed to have spent this past weekend convening with professionals and experts at Camp David regarding the catastrophic storm — he even canceled his NATO trip to Poland and sent VP Mike Pence in his place to attend this weekend-long meeting. But as it turns out, and unsurprisingly so, the only thing Trump did any convening with was his golf cart and his smartphone.

As a result of missing that meeting, Donald effectively has not a single clue what in the actual fuck he’s talking about. But does that stop him from talking? Why, of course not!


At the end of his weekend, Donald sat down for a meeting with FEMA to discuss preparations being made for the storm and ended up issuing a warning to the state of Alabama — despite the fact that they were safe from the hurricane’s path — which naturally elicited some panic.

Enough so that the National Weather Service out of Birmingham had no choice but to issue a statement disputing Trump’s claim.

But instead of merely admitting that he made a whoopsie, issuing an apology, and moving on with his life, Trump decided to double down on his bullshit once again, writing in a tweet that he was right about Alabama all along.

And now it seems he’s going to triple down — making sure he looks all the way stupid before this whole ordeal is said and done.

During a meeting on the hurricane this afternoon, Trump literally used an altered map of the hurricane’s trajectory that shows Alabama being hit.

“It looks like Florida is going to be in fantastic shape in comparison to what we thought,” Trump said during the Oval Office briefing as he held up a map depicting Dorian’s original expected path, which has significantly changed at this point.

“We don’t know where the hurricane is turning. We are very well-prepared,” he added before expressing his hope that residents of Georgia and the Carolinas would “get lucky.”

Could someone please tell him that just because he holds up an old map doesn’t make him anymore right? It just makes him that much more stupid.

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