Woman Who Lost Her Husband In Odessa Sends Trump A Clear Message

Listen for once in your life, Trump!

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This past Saturday yet another mass shooting wreaked havoc in our country, leaving seven dead and twenty-two more severely injured.

And, yet again, Donald Trump and his administration plan to do a whole lot of absolutely fucking nothing about it. No new legislation. No gun reform. Not even a mere discussion on the matter. In fact, those seven bodies have barely had time to cool down and Donald’s campaign is literally peddling anti-gun ads all over social media as we speak — making it abundantly clear that not only are they not doing anything about the epidemic of gun violence and mass shootings in this country right now, they’re not going to do anything about it ever.

But according to a report from the Daily Beast, one sufferer of the recent tragedy has something to say to Donald Trump about his nonexistent approach to gun reform.


Rudolfo Arco devastatingly lost his life at the hands of the Odessa shooter on Saturday — and his wife, Bari Arco is pleading to the president to do something about it.

“He wants to make America great again, we want him to say that he wants Americans to be safe again,” Arco explained. “It’s unfair. The Congress, somebody needs to do something fast before another victim, another family … that’s uncalled for. Please do something.”

Arco’s family emigrated to the United States from Cuba, and she stated that she sees America as the “best country” but she feels that right now, it is “not safe.”

“Look what happened,” Arco pleaded. “He was coming from work, driving his truck, and that’s it. He’s gone.”

Multiple reports have indicated that the Odessa gunman had already been deemed mentally unfit to own a gun, yet he was able to legally do so anyway by purchasing the AR-style rifle through a loophole that Democrats have been condemning for ages, that allows the purchase of these weapons through private sales without any sort of background check.

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