Insider Claims Trump Is Jealous Of His Youngest Son Over Height: “How Do I Stunt His Growth?”

This is just sad.

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The goal of every parent is pretty simple: Make sure your kids are even better humans than you. Do your best to prepare them for the world, and release them into it relatively undamaged and well-adjusted.

Of course, we all have our faults, and sometimes we end up being less than perfect — we favor one child over another, we spoil them, or we get too far away from our own childhood to remember how hard it is for them to deal with knowing almost nothing about how the world works (even if they think they do).

But the one thing that should be easy to avoid is projecting our own drama and insecurities onto them. They’ve got enough of their own, and we’re old enough to know better, anyway. The last thing some angsty, hormone-ridden teenager needs is their mom or dad trying to foist our musical tastes onto them or regaling them with tales of how much harder it was when we were kids. And you definitely, under no circumstances, ever, EVER let them know you feel some kind of way about their physical appearance, especially if it’s because of your own petty or weird body issues.


Of course, you already know what this article about from the headline.

According to the new book Siege: Trump Under Fire from biographer Michael Wolff, the President has an obsession with height — it’s long been speculated that the super-odd way that he stands is because of very large “lifts” he wears in his shoes — and he’s irredeemably jealous of his youngest child, who has sprung up like the son of, well, a European model.

Trump’s insecurity shouldn’t pose issues for his son Barron, but the book tells a different story: Annoyed by a spurt, Trump reportedly asked those around him, “How do I stunt his growth?” Barron already towers over his mother, and is very close to being taller than his dad as well, despite his very young age.

It’s unsurprising to see Trump compare himself to others, display jealousy, and even to avoid being around someone who makes him look like “less of a man.” But his own son? That’s just sad.

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