House Oversight Committee Reveals It Has Secretly Been Working With “Dozens” Of People Inside Trump Admin

This could bury Donald Trump.

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The House Oversight Committee has made it very clear that they are not finished with Donald Trump or his administration. Even after the conclusion of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, the Committee continues to investigate other atrocities within the White House like the security clearance breach that includes Donald’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. The House Oversight Committee is now claiming that they’re secretly working with a record number of people within and outside of the Trump administration that wish to blow the whistle on the multitude of wrongdoings taking place in the White House.

“There is a small army of whistleblowers from across the government who have been working in secret with the House Oversight Committee to report on alleged malfeasance inside the Trump administration,” House Democrats reported to The Atlantic

There are “dozens” of whistleblowers currently cooperating with the Oversight Committee according to a senior aide from the panel — all of whom either currently serves or previously served within the Trump administration in some capacity or another. Evidently, this is the highest number of willing and cooperative whistleblowers the House Oversight Committee has ever seen.


“The number of whistleblowers who’ve come forward since Trump became president is far higher than the number who cooperated with the panel in previous administrations,” veteran panelists told Russell Berman with The Atlantic. 

The Democratic aide told Berman, “The biggest difference wasn’t necessarily us switching to the majority. The biggest difference was Donald Trump being elected president.”

It appears that Tricia Newbold was not alone in her concern for the White House and our nation. It truly speaks volumes that our president is so corrupt, our nation is in such a state of disarray, that throes of officials from within are willing to throw their livelihoods to the dogs to expose the corruption from within.

We certainly have a national emergency, Mr. President. But it has nothing to do with immigration and everything to do with your position within our nation’s White House.

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