Tlaib’s Grandmother Responded To Trump’s Attacks Against Her Granddaughter: “May God Ruin Him”

She is NOT a fan!

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Donald Trump has been on the warpath for weeks now against four Congresswomen of color, aptly dubbed “The Squad,” after the group dared to question his racist and hateful behavior, rhetoric, and policies. He kicked things off with a Twitter post in which he told the four women to “go back where they came from” — despite the fact that only one of them was born outside of the US, and she’s been a citizen for longer than Melania has.

But of course, that does nothing to stem Trump’s hate and since the original tweet, he has done nothing but double and triple down on his attacks against the women and anyone associated with them. He has harped on the topic in every press gaggle, speech, and rally that he’s had the opportunity to do so, and ignited his deplorable base into doing the same — spurring racist chants of “send her back” at virtually every subsequent rally.

Recently, Trump has taken to dragging the family of one of the Congresswomen, Rashia Tlaib, into his mess after he took to his Twitter to call on the country of Israel to deny a planned trip by two of the Squad members, Rep. Tlaib and Rep. Omar, telling the Israeli government that allowing their presence would show “great weakness.”


Israel pretty much immediately took the president’s advice and denied entry to the women. Given that Tlaib’s family hails from and currently resides in the country, she chose to pen a letter to the government requesting entry on a humanitarian basis to see her grandmother, which they begrudgingly granted on the grounds that the Congresswoman essentially keep her mouth shut during her stay. However, after the response from Israel and the debacle created between the country and President Trump, Tlaib decided to turn down the trip, as it blatantly went against her views and values.

Trump then decided to send out one of his most disgusting tweets to date, stating that Tlaib’s grandmother should be thrilled that she doesn’t have to see her after all.

Since then Rashida’s grandmother, Muftia Tlaib, has responded to Trump’s statement with sharp simplicity:

“Trump tells me I should be happy Rashida is not coming. May God ruin him.”

According to Tlaib’s uncle Bassam Tlaib, the women have not seen each other since 2006.

“She was going to slaughter a sheep when Rashida arrived and prepare her favorite food, stuffed vine leaves,” he stated. “Rashida sees her granny as a second mother, she has always supported her. Rashida says she owes her success to her grandmother.”

Adding, “Trump has told Rashida and Ilhan to go back to their home countries. What a contradiction, yesterday he asked them to leave and today he asks that they aren’t let in.”

However, in the wake of such a mess, Tlaib’s grandmother is still holding onto hope:

“My heart tells me that she will come.”

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