Image Of Trump Stepping Out Of A Car In France Appears To Show POTUS Wearing High-Heeled Shoes

You have to see it to understand how ridiculous it is.

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As if to remind the folks back home that he hasn’t dedicated all of his time at this weekend’s G7 Summit in Biarritz, France to saying stupid things only, Donald Trump appeared to confirm a months-long rumor about his footwear — well, kind of about his footwear. Really, the rumor is about his insecurity about his height and the fact that he’s nowhere near the six-foot-three that’s in his official file from ol’ Doctor Ronny.

The reasons for his vertical fragility range from plain old obsolete notions of manliness to jealousy of his model-tall youngest son Barron, who got a little of mom’s Amazonian blood and is already at just age 13 taller than both of his parents.

But Trump’s solution has, apparently, to wear lifts in his shoes.


No one is quite sure when that habit began — whether he’s always been self-conscious about his height or if he just started because of his boy — but the confirmation we got on Saturday evening was a little more than lifts. It appears the secondary theory about Barron may be weighing more heavily on him these days because, despite the endless articles about his lifts and the absolutely bizarre way they make him stand, Trump is now apparently wearing high-heeled shoes.

Or for a closer look:

Twitter was all over it:

Just for reference — and so we don’t look like we’re just making this up, since it IS pretty ridiculous — back in April, Dr. Jack Brown did an entire social media thread on Trump’s lifts and height insecurity, and the proof that he’s not as tall as he claims.

I won’t get into the whole thread, but probably the most relevant entry is this photo of Trump standing next to a six-foot-one Tiger Woods:

Somehow I trust Dr. Jack Brown a little more than I trust Dr. Ronny Jackson.

Featured image via screen capture

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